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Axial Fatigue Testing Machines

Axial Fatigue Testing

SAF axial fatigue test machines are designed for the flowing operations:

  • Fatigue,
  • Durability

Life Time determination tests on all types of specimens, according to different procedures and standards like ISO 14242 and ASTM E1942, … To applying dynamic loads up to 100 Hz frequency with various amplitude control of Force, displacement, Strain, and Stress according to alternate wave forms like Sinusoidal, Square, Triangular, Saw-Tooth, and desired patterns.


High data acquisition and high-speed response, ultimate sensors, transducers, highly accurate servo valves, independent (separate) controllers for Real Time control, powerful software with optimized control algorithm and data processing for every control type (mode).


In addition to hydraulic, mechanical systems design especially for long-term tests put SAF series in the best position to prepare and simulate most real and various test conditions for practical fatigue testing of various parts.

The mechanism and functions of this type of machine is based on hydraulic servo valve and is benefitting high frequency DSP technology hardware. Frequency response, sampling rate and system control speed is very high in this unit in such a way that each 200 micro second it gets feedback from all measuring devices and performs system control in a closed loop with PID control. SAF- series can also perform crack propagation tests in addition to fatigue tests.


The unit has a unique and advanced software (Ethernet connection with hardware via LAN port) with capability to apply periodic loads with specified amplitude and frequency along with different wave forms. It can also apply offset, number of applied cycles and determining storage cycles with ability to change all test parameters online during test running and report all required output.

SAF- series has an intercooler- cooling system with plated heat exchanger and high heat exchange efficiency for quick oil heat dissipation.

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