1″ Button Heaters Air/Vacuum/UHV 1000c to 1600c

£1,200.00£2,500.00 excl VAT

Semiquip Button Heaters

1″ Button Heater Air/HV/UHV range

Semiquip, having years of experience within the research and Industry sectors, have designed a range of flexible 1 inch ( 25.4mm) Button Heaters.

The concept of the design is to provide a flexible approach to the problem of heating samples in a range of environments.

  • Air/Vacuum upto 1000°C
  • Inert upto 1600°C
  • High Vacuum(HV) upto 1400°C
  • Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) upto 1600°C

Replacement Carbon Composite Elements for your old button heaters. lower cost way to keep your system and experiments on working. Short lead times, normally between 2-4 weeks. Fraction of the cost of a replacement heater.


1KA-00 1" button heater Vacuum/Air 1000C

1KA-00 Short body Kanthal element 1″ button heater:

  • O2/Atmosphere
  • Medium vacuum.
  • NiCr or FeCrAL element.
  • SS316L body
  • Type K thermocouple.
  • Aluminium Nitride HOT-ZONE cover
  • 1000C in vacuum
  • 1000c in air

click link for detailed drawing 1-INCH_HEATER_RANGE-R0

Stainless steel Body:34mm diameter,

Not UHV compatible.


1RY-00 1" button heater Vacuum 1400C

1RY-00 Long body Tungsten rhenium element 1″ button heater

  • High Vacuum.
  • Tungsten/Rhenium Element.
  • Molybdenum body 34mm diameter
  • Type C thermocouple (other options available)
  • Aluminium Nitride HOT-ZONE cover
  • 1400C

click link for detailed drawing 1-INCH_HEATER_RANGE-R0

Not Air compatible.

1CC-00 1" button heater Vacuum/HV/UHV/ 1600C

1CC-00 Carbon Composite 1″ button heater

  • Ultra High Vacuum (UHV)
  • Free standing carbon composite element
  • Molybdenum body
  • Type C thermocouple (other options available)
  • Open  HOT-ZONE cover
  • or Aluminium Nitride HOT-ZONE cover
  • 1600C

click link to detailed drawing 1-INCH_HEATER_RANGE-R0

Molybdenum  Body:42mm diameter

Molybdenum heat shields

Ceramic AlN Element support

Ceramic AlN Front plate.

Carbon Composite element.

Choice of closed or open heater unit.

Option of Ceramic plate to protect element.

UHV compatible.

MBE applications

Evaporation cell applications

C Type T/C

1600c in Vacuum.

Not Air compatible.