3-screw blade holder

Material: steel ( stainless steel)

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The Labtechniche 3-screw blade holder is used to place the microtome blade on the microtome. Using permanent blades on microtomes is no longer necessary today. When using this type of holder, disposable blades can be used on microtomes that have permanent blades for sectioning samples.

By unscrewing the screws, the blade can be placed inside the holder and section the samples.

Mounts the disposable microtome blade onto a microtome blade holder made from stainless steel to accommodate low and high-profile disposable microtomes. The microtome blade holder is recommended as a tool for histopathology, research labs, and quality assurance laboratories.



  • The working parts of this 3-screw blade holder have all been hardened and ground.
  • Maximum rigidity is ensured with this blade holder.
  • This holder is completely sealed for maintenance-free operation.
  • Increases productivity of all lathe operations with this blade holder.
  • You can change tools in a matter of seconds, with no shims being required.
  • These blade holders are designed to accommodate blades of differing thicknesses. Adaptability like this gives the histologist maximum flexibility, especially when working with difficult tissues. When used with thick blades the two screws need to be loosened to close the locking lever.


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