Axial Fatigue Testing Machines

Axial Fatigue Testing

SAF axial fatigue test machines are designed for the flowing operations:

  • Fatigue,
  • Durability

Life Time determination tests on all types of specimens, according to different procedures and standards like ISO 14242 and ASTM E1942, … To applying dynamic loads up to 100 Hz frequency with various amplitude control of Force, displacement, Strain, and Stress according to alternate wave forms like Sinusoidal, Square, Triangular, Saw-Tooth, and desired patterns.


High data acquisition and high-speed response, ultimate sensors, transducers, highly accurate servo valves, independent (separate) controllers for Real Time control, powerful software with optimized control algorithm and data processing for every control type (mode).


In addition to hydraulic, mechanical systems design especially for long-term tests put SAF series in the best position to prepare and simulate most real and various test conditions for practical fatigue testing of various parts.

The mechanism and functions of this type of machine is based on hydraulic servo valve and is benefitting high frequency DSP technology hardware. Frequency response, sampling rate and system control speed is very high in this unit in such a way that each 200 micro second it gets feedback from all measuring devices and performs system control in a closed loop with PID control. SAF- series can also perform crack propagation tests in addition to fatigue tests.


The unit has a unique and advanced software (Ethernet connection with hardware via LAN port) with capability to apply periodic loads with specified amplitude and frequency along with different wave forms. It can also apply offset, number of applied cycles and determining storage cycles with ability to change all test parameters online during test running and report all required output.

SAF- series has an intercooler- cooling system with plated heat exchanger and high heat exchange efficiency for quick oil heat dissipation.


  • Meet to ASTM E1942 standard, ISO 14242
  • Servo Hydraulic Actuator Operation type
  • High precision dynamic forces application with various amplitude control on Force, Extension, Strain, and Stress based on all types of fatigue wave forms i.e. Sinusoidal, Square, Triangular, Saw-Tooth, and desired patterns or desired wave forms.
  • Applying Fatigue loads on high frequencies. (upto 100Hz on linear speed of actuator)
  • Equipped Independent PID control system for every control type condition and applying accurate waveform defined within software.
  • Advanced electronic parts and components with high speed response and sampling rate
  • High specification servo hydraulic valve.
  • Equipped Interface with Digital Signal Processing Technology, 5 KHz operation frequency and force, displacement and strain (Extensometer) control all in close loop control and 5 KHz frequency response.
  • Application of high accuracy low profile dynamic load cell to reduce lateral forces error effects.
  • Non-contact electronic linear encoder installed on the jack for the entire stroke.
  • Capable of tensile, compressive and Bending grips installation.
  • Powerful software with instantaneous and Real Time control ability in various tests and relative processing.
  • Dynamic Tests Special high temp sealing for actuator. Usage of all parts, measuring tools and controlling devices for long term testing.
  • Controlled grip system for delicate and fragile specimen handling
  • Hydraulic cross head lifting system and hydraulic Clamping locking
  • Capable of carrying out various static tests with stroke adjustment.
  • Effective cooling system prolonging the oil operation life time.
  • Compensator system for errors resulting from machine stiffness and imposed inertia forces.


  • SAF-series has a wide application range in Research and Quality Control purposes for Fatigue, Endurance, crack generations, crack growth and Parts Lifetime tests such as:
    • Steel Parts
    • Springs & Shock Absorbers in Dampers
    • Academic Research
    • Automotive parts
    • Aerospace Parts
    • Specialized testing of asphalt and concrete Composites
    • Metals
    • Rock Mechanics
    • Structural Materials

Product Details-Load Frame

Load Frame

SAF series have robust load frame with high degree of stiffness in order to reduce deflection error in the test results. The machines have hydraulic crosshead lifting and clamping (SAF-10 & SAF-50 have manual clamping due to cost effect) which the user could adjust and fix desirable vertical room of the test section. In the SAF-XX models, actuator is installed on the crosshead which the load cell is connected to the actuator while in the SAF-XXB, actuator is installed on the lower block which the load cell is located under the crosshead. SAF- models have the advantage that installation of the sample and parts for testing would be simple while SAF-XXB have the advantage that the error of grips and fixture inertia during test (with frequency more than 5 Hz and/ or high amplitude) would be minimum and negligible

Product Details-Actuator

High speed and heavy-duty bespoke sealing and precise manufacturing of the parts, SAF actuators work with nominal load for long time testing. Use of high response hydraulic Servo Valve (MOOG) on the actuator, allows the machine to act at high speed and follow the set points very rapidly. The actuator consists of digital non-contact linear encoder (IP67) which could measure the position for whole of the stroke with 0.001 mm resolution. To prevent rotation of the rod during the test, all SAF actuators have Anti-Rotation mechanism to satisfy pure axial loading. Linear Speed of the

actuator depends on the oil flow rate feed from the power pack and is a main parameter for

extreme of the machine performance (Test Amplitude and Frequency limitation)

Product Details-Controller

SAF Controller is an integrated signal conditioner and digital controller based on DSP technology. All of measuring instruments from Load cell (Force), Load frame (Position) and Extensometer (Strain) are carried out by high response amplifiers and all of machine commands and faults are handled by the system. The SAF Controller connected to the PC via LAN (1000 Mbps). The controller can control all selected measuring signals (Force or Position or Strain) in the controller closed loop with update rate 5 kHz. This feature allows the machine to follow the set points (wave form generation set points) very precise.

Analogue measuring (Force, Strain) resolution is 1/ ±32.000 of F.S. of the instrument. PID parameters for each measuring signal (both for Static and

Dynamic modes) could be changed and adjusted fully Real Time and the operator could see the machines response of changing of the parameters upon input them

Product Details-Hydraulic Power Pack

Designed for long time working with nominal pressure (200 Bar continuous). For this purpose, the system uses high pressure oil filtering (5µ), special oil inter cooling (plate type heat exchanger), heavy duty pump (Piston type), separated electrical panel, … .

The system needs proper water supply in order to cooling of the oil. Type of the power pack is categorized by its maximum oil flow rate and facility to action of crosshead Lifting & Clamping and Hydraulic Grips control. Oil low pressure & high temperature faults are detected from the power pack and handled with the software

Product Details-Advanced Software

Main feature of the SAF software are:

  • Designed to define and apply periodic load generation of the actuator over a long period of time testing (many cycles) Cycle shape type: Sine, Triangle, Square, Ramp, Trapezoidal, User Pattern (define cycle) Time base or Phase base
  • Cycle amplitude defining: Force , Stress, Extension, Strain
  • Cycle frequency defining: 0.01 ~ 100 Hz
  • Full Real Time response, instant action for any Cycle and PID parameters changing

Common Static test Tensile, Compression & Bending test modes

Series range 10kN to 250kN

Model  SAF-10

  • Capacity 10Kn:
  • Distance between Columns 420mm
  • Distance between grips 350mm
  • Distance between blocks 700mm
  • Actuator stroke  100mm
  • Linear Speed 20 Litre/min 500mm/sec
  • Linear Speed 40 Litre/min 1000mm/sec

Model  SAF-50

  • Capacity 50Kn:
  • Distance between Columns 500mm
  • Distance between grips 250mm
  • Distance between blocks 700mm
  • Actuator stroke  100mm
  • Linear Speed 20 Litre/min 100mm/sec
  • Linear Speed 40 Litre/min 200mm/sec

Model  SAF-100

  • Capacity 100Kn:
  • Distance between Columns 600mm
  • Distance between grips 400mm
  • Distance between blocks 800mm
  • Actuator stroke  150mm
  • Linear Speed 20 Litre/min 50mm/sec
  • Linear Speed 40 Litre/min 100mm/sec

Model  SAF-250

  • Capacity 250Kn:
  • Distance between Columns 680mm
  • Distance between grips 550mm
  • Distance between blocks 1250mm
  • Actuator stroke  150mm
  • Linear Speed 20 Litre/min 20mm/sec
  • Linear Speed 40 Litre/min 40mm/sec

Model  SAF-250B

  • Capacity 250Kn:
  • Distance between Columns 680mm
  • Distance between grips 550mm
  • Distance between blocks 1000mm
  • Actuator stroke  150mm
  • Linear Speed 20 Litre/min 20mm/sec
  • Linear Speed 40 Litre/min 40mm/sec


Series range 600kN to 2000kN

Model SAF-600

  • Capacity 600Kn:
  • Distance between Columns 720mm
  • Distance between grips 600mm
  • Distance between blocks 1300mm
  • Actuator stroke 150mm
  • Linear Speed 20 Litre/min 8mm/sec
  • Linear Speed 40 Litre/min 16mm/sec

Model SAF-1000

  • Capacity 1000Kn:
  • Distance between Columns 800mm
  • Distance between grips 650mm
  • Distance between blocks 1400mm
  • Actuator stroke 150mm
  • Linear Speed 20 Litre/min 5mm/sec
  • Linear Speed 40 Litre/min 10mm/sec

Model SAF-2000

  • Capacity 2000Kn:
  • Distance between Colu650mm
  • Distance between blocks 1400mm
  • Actuator stroke 150mm
  • Linear Speed 20 Litre/min 2.5mm/sec
  • Linear Speed 40 Litre/min 5mm/sec