Erichsen Testing Device

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Erichsen Testing Introduction

The universal sheet device (Ericsson) is designed to check different sheets. This
device includes moulds and standard mandrels, which with a very accurate hydraulic
mechanism, the amount of force between the moulds and the movement speed of the
mandrel can be presented in a completely controlled and definable way. With the help of
this device, the behaviour of biaxial tension on the sheets can be studied and the Limiting
dome height (LDH) value is measured by the corresponding sensor.

This method is performed with a spherical mandrel.

This machine also has the ability to perform deep drawing of sheet metal using the Swift method with a completely flat mandrel.

The mechanism of the device consists of two independent hydraulic jacks (for clamping
and mandrel) and the function of the device is servo-hydraulic (motor and servo driver)
with feedback from changing the position and force to stabilize the speed. Applying
its force is performed in a close loop manner and the clamping force of the mold is
performed automatically with an independent definition. This device has the ability to
stop the test automatically (adjustable) after a crack occurs in the sheet.

Our Erichsen Testing machine detail

A highly accurate electro-hydraulic system is used for this machine in such a manner that a separate cylinder is used for punch load application with punch loading rate control while another cylinder with accumulator is responsible for clamping force control in the defined load of the specimen constant clamping. To reach precise punch movement control and test speed stabilization (close loop) a digital non-contact linear encoder is applied to measure and respond. This method provides a punch movement resolution of 0.001mm.

An industrial PLC and special modules provide the possibility to measure and control items like: oil pressure (more accuracy on punch load), clamping force control, machine stoppage at sheet crack moment, accuracy in applying load by slow mode and adjustment of major controlling parameters according to standard. With an accurate pressure sensor the punch force resolution reaches 1/40000 of machine capacity.

The machine is also equipped with HMI touch screen for easy reading of test data (time, date, load-displacement data, test times) in excel software, test methods parameters adjustment, automatic loading rate and clamping force. This system is also able to draw load-displacement graphs, record and send data to PC via Flash USB.

A special hydraulic grip is used for sheet clamping to have a constant load on the specimen during clamping. Easy changing of the punch and dies for different test is another advantage of STE-200 is research projects. A special gauge is used for punch and die centering during changing. For test in higher temperatures thermal dies can be installed (on order). Hot forming can be achieved up to 300˚C (additional accessories required) with provision for temperature controller modules and PLC connections.


  • Model STE-200.
  • User interface By Touch Screen (HMI).
  • Control system.
  • PLC type with the ability to adjust the parameters of the
    test method, automatic adjustment of the loading rate
    and jaw clamping force, and the remote control of the
    device via LAN to the computer.
  • Graph drawing On the screen and the possibility of sending information
    to the computer by Flash USB 2.
  • Mandrel mould number 2 types of spherical mandrel.
  • Mould and mandrel model Two types of moulds for cold testing.
  • Degree of power.
  • resolution Resolution 1/40.000 of capacity.
  • Speed control range 0.1-300 mm/min.
  • Accuracy of displacement.
  • measurement Extension resolution 0.001 mm.
  • Jaw clamping Hydraulic with adjustable clamping force (kN 400).
  • Hot test Equipped with PID controller for reading PT100 and
    related settings in HMI.
  • Electricity Three-phase electricity; 380 V, 10 A
  • Device dimension 110 × 80 × 175 cm.
  • Weight 1200 kg.


  • Meet to Standards: EN DIN ISO20482, DIN EN 1669
  • Highly precise electro-hydraulic operation with close loop control
  • Performing Cupping test, Deep-drawing test, Limiting Dome height (LDH) and checking forming limit curve (FLC).
  • Easy die and punch replacement according to related standards with special gauge for preserving die and punch centering.
  • Low friction piston connected to punch for reaching accurate and repeatable test results.
  • PLC control system with touch screen display capable of graph drawing and reporting.
  • Very low noise level during pump and motor operation.
  • Adjustable clamping force and punch speed.
  • Automatic test stoppage upon cracking.
  • Capable of performing hot forming test (in case of ordering respective die and punch).
  • Easy transportation due to machine compact design.


STE-200 is mainly applied for sheets quality control, research on metal sheets formability, deep drawing or erichsen tests for determination limiting dome height (LDH) and forming limit curve (FLC) survey. It is also widely applied in manufacturing light & heavy vehicles’ body, research on sheets forming in various industries:

  • Quality control of procured metal sheets
  • Research on vehicle body production.
  • Research on sheet formability from different materials
  • Production and forming sheets by die and stamping.
  • Research on composite sheets.