Histology Tissue Float

Lab Techniche Tissue Float Model DS9008 proves accurate temperature control allowing this piece of equipment to maintain the hot water temperature of the tank.

This device sets the water solution temperature of the tank with 4.0°c accuracy, it is suitable for preserving the specimen, solutions, chemical enzymes and the immunohistology materials.

The system is controlled by a microprocessor and its panel is smooth and this ergonomic and schematic design makes it be used easily by the operators.

Paraffin dispenser, Hot plates, cold plates and Microtomes products, produced by Lab Techniche, compliments the Histology range of equipment.

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  • Removable Pyrex glass tank
  • All metal design for robust lab and industrial use
  • No plastic casing
  • Powder coated metal casing
  • Rigid, hard wearing, almost student proof!!
  • UK support
  • Easily set up and operation
  • Set temperature range 38°c to 75°c
  • Digital curser and a semi inclined control panel
  • Holding wide edges and borders for keeping the microscopic samples
  • 1.7 litre tank capacity
  • The device weighs 8.2 kilogram
  • The set temperature ±4°c tolerance