Liosmart 8/5P Freeze Dryer


Liosmart 8/5P Freeze Dryer

New tool for pilot or R&D freeze drying

Especially designed for Laboratory use, our Vacuum Freeze Dryers are widely used in the Medical, Chemical, Bio Industry, in addition to Food and Pharmacy for long-term preservation of chemical and biological states.

Our Laboratory Freeze dryers dehydrate materials using a vacuum pumping configuration to extract the water molecules by creating a pressure differential between the surrounding air and the material, causing a transition of water from the material to the surrounding atmosphere. Our devices are designed so that the formation of ice inside the material is avoided, therefore ensuring the bio-structure is not damaged by this process.

Outline of Key benefits

  • 0,1 to 0,2m2 shelf area
  • Shelf fluid circulated cooling and heating
  • ‐55° ( ‐90° )C condenser coil temperature
  • Vial cap stoppering system
  • 50 recipes, each with up to 50 segments
  • Software packet with remote control via virtual user interface
  • Single/double compressor refrigeration system
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  • Perfected temperature control on shelves
  • Smooth and easy to clean chamber & shelves
  • Shelves and chamber made in AISI 304
  • Exterior made in AISI 304
  • Fully transparent door for product and condenser observation
  • Vacuum control function
  • Metering leak valve for air or nitrogen purging

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