Raman Microscope

Raman Spectroscopy

Raman Microscope From Vac Techniche

Sample analysis using the inelastic scattering (Raman Scattering) of the monochromatic light from our on-board laser, having a range of Visible, near infrared wavelengths.
Photonic interaction with molecular and/or atomic vibrations provides an photon energy shift, the deflected light is processed using our Emerald Spectrometer, providing high resolution spatial integrity.
Our compact benchtop imaging is designed specifically as a multi-discipline scientific analysis instrument

The most common applications include

    • Nanotechnology.
    • Geological
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Polymers
    • Forensic
    • Surface Analysis
    The open and flexible system design provides the ability to analysis samples without any sample preparation, having the optical microscope provides the facility to easily identify important areas for analysis.
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  • Powders in Plastic packages
  • Liquids in clear and Brown bottles
  • Powders in multi-dimpled plates
  • Liquids in multi-dimpled plates
  • Slurries in multi-dimpled plates
  • Samples in tubes, Vials and Cuvettes
  • Tablets
  • Samples in blister packs
  • Surface analysis
  • Organic samples analysis
  • Inorganic sample analysis


  • DCR; rotary pumped coater.
  • quartz crystal thickness monitor.
  • Touch screen control.
  • Maximum detail
  • High resolution of Image
  • Optical Microscopy
  • Characterisation if small particles present
  • Identification of impurities
  • High detection ability
  • increased Sensitivity
  • Results able to match Library information


  • Laser
    • 532nm Wavelength
    • Power 100 mW
    • Power control
    • 10% to 100%
    • Hamamatsu High sensitivity low noise
    • Cooling up to -15C
    • Signal to noise ratio 1000:1
    • Integration time 15 msec to 10 mins
    Resolution and Range
    • Spatial Resolution on Samples apporximately 12um
    • Spectral resoluition 10 cm-1
    • Spectral Range 150-4600 cm-1
    • 10% to 100%
    Power requirements
    • 200-240 V ac
    • 50-60 Hz
    • Singel phase
    • Approximately 25Kg
    • Size W 25.5cm x H 45cm x D 59.5cm
    • Single phase