Turbo 3D Mixer/Homogeniser

Turbo 3D Mixer

3D homogenizer, Laboratory Turbo mix

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3D homogenizer, Laboratory Turbo mix

This inventive instrument is making its own place in laboratories, having a small footprint, Large 2Lt capacity, Low power consumption, and quiet operation, it is becoming a must-have item for research and industrial applications.

The unique rotation parameters are easier to see than describe. The vessel rotates through an orbital movement, in 3 dimensions, providing a homogenous mix in a very rapid time.

Application of Turbo 3D Mixer:

  • Mixing of dry powders
  • Mixing of wet powders
  • Mixing of Different sizes and densities.

Easy loading and unloading

2 liter capacity

  • Different shaped vessels available
  • Different volumes up to a maximum of 2 litres.

0-100Cyle/min fully adjustable

Power 220 VAC, 50Hz, 5 Amp

Height:37cm, Length: 67cm, Width:37cm


Turbo 3D Mixer Rapid mixing

Rapid mixing for Dry and wet powders


What is a 3D mixer?

3D mixers are widely used to obtain and mix powders in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. The 3D mixer can also grind and combine materials in different sizes and different agglomerate sizes. A 3D mixer is a group of ball mills that uses a cylinder to mix materials and ceramic or metal balls to pulverize materials. The three-dimensional mixer rotates like a ball mill around an axis, and the material is fined by the impact of the bullet and eventually mixes well. A distinctive feature of this type of mill is that you can mix compatible types of materials together and finally get a uniform product from the machine.