Turbo 3D Mixer/Homogeniser

Turbo 3D Mixer.

Rapid mixing

Rapid mixing for Dry and wet powders

3D homogeniser, Laboratory Turbo mix

This inventive instrument is making it own place in laboratories, having a small footprint, Large 2Lt capacity, Low power consumption and quite operation, it is a becoming a must have item for research and  industrial applications.

The unique rotation parameters are easier to see than describe. The vessel rotates through an orbital movement, in 3 dimensions, providing a homogenous mix in a very rapid time.


  • Mixing of dry powders
  • Mixing of wet powders
  • Mixing of Different size and densities.

Easy loading and un-loading

2 litre capacity

  • Different shaped vessels available
  • Different volumes upto a maximum of 2 litre.

0-100Cyle/min fully adjustable

Power 220 VAC, 50Hz, 5 Amp

Height:37cm, Length: 67cm, Width:37cm



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