Universal Testing Machine – Tensile, Compression, cyclic, bending, creep and relaxation

Universal Testing Machine – Tensile, Compression, Cyclic, Bending, Creep and Relaxation


  • Servo Electromechanical operation system via Ball Screw (two columns)
  • Capable of testing consists of: Tensile, Compression, Cyclic, Bending, Creep and Relaxation in accordance with the Standards JIS, ISO, EN, DIN, ASTM (capability to install various specialized grips, furnace, & doing hot test up to 1000°C in case of providing relative accessories)
  • Including accurate Load Cell (class0.5) capacity 15000kgf
  • Equipped with precise displacement sensor to measure Cross head displacement
  • AC Servo motor and drive with Closed Loop Control System
  • Full computerized Machine control through serial port RS-232&USB via hardware technology DSP (Digital Signal Processing) unrestricted PC
  • Powerful STM Controller software compatible with Windows OS to do Tensile, Compression, Bending, Creep, Cyclic, & Relaxation Tests
  • Constant speed control at the range0.001-500 mm/min, real time &advance speed control through the methods (constant displacement rate, constant strain rate, constant force rate, constant stress rate, constant real strain rate (true strain), constant real stress rate (true stress) provided that having the software JADOO
  • Easy installation of variety of load cells (low capacity) to increase measuring accuracy
  • Capable of installing diverse Extensometers for tests
  • Capable of installing diverse furnace up to 1500°C
  • Pin connection and Easy installation of various fixtures & specialized grips (tensile, compression, bending & relaxation
  • Equipped with portable keyboard
  • Repeatability of results
  • Easy operation & capability to install on solid floor


  • Hot Creep Test as force & rate control using two methods:
  • constant load (Stress Rupture) & constant Stress test (Stress Constant) through applying various loads with high accuracy including furnace (up to 1000ºC), also hot tensile test
  • Capacity Range :1 kN to2000kN
  • Other capabilities:
    • Tensile test,
    • Compression ,
    • Cyclic,
    • Bending,
    • Peeling,
    • Tear,
    • Relaxation,
    • Creep
  • In accordance with the Standards ASTM , DIN ,EN , ISO , JIS capable of Installing diverse specialized grips (depending on providing relative accessories )


Details of components

  • Ball Screw Columns, Servo controlled Max static load 358KN, Dynamic load 196KN
  • 15 Ton Load cell with 0.05% accuracy
  • Magnetic Encoders with displacement resolution 0.1 µm
  • Displacement measuring accuracy: better than 0.05 mm (full stroke)
  • Ac Servo motor and driver
  • Machine speed:0.001-500mm/min. Closed loop speed control
  • Stroke with W.G Grips 750mm
  • Stroke without W.G grips 1100mm

Load Cells, Thermal Chambers Hot Test

Load cell details:

  • Load cell with interface
  • Lad cell 2 Ton standard
  • Lad cell 10 Ton increased precision for hot creep and tensile test
  • Capacity: 2000kg
  • Tensile and compression
  • 03% resolution
  • S & returnee 0.03% F S

Thermal Chamber for Hot creep and Tensile

  • 3 zone 1100 ˚C open chamber.
  • Supports and rods
  • Inner diameter 90mm Length 200mm
  • Outer Dimensions Diameter 300mm overall length 350mm
  • power supply 220V 20A

Hot test interface

  • Capacity:20kN
  • Water cooling feature
  • Self-aligning
  • Capable of directly installing on Tensile 2 Ton through interface on flanges 5 Ton

Gripper details

Special gripper for round specimens

  • Capacity: 20 kN
  • Working temperature: 980 ˚
  • Grip material: Supper Alloys INCONEL738 or INCONEL625
  • Application: doing hot tensile & creep test
  • Grip clamping type: screw for round threaded specimens (M8)
  • Grip specifications: round (M20 threaded) to install on fixture

Special Grip for sheet Tensile test with High temperature compression test included

  • Capacity: 20  kN
  • Working temperature: 980 ˚C
  • Grip material: Supper Alloys INCONEL or INCONEL625
  • Application: doing hot tension & creep test
  • Grip clamping type: flat specimens via pin method
  • sheet (thickness up to 3 mm & width 25 mm)



Ability to fit different Extensometers:

  • Short travel for tensile and compression testing
  • Long travel for hot an cold tests
  • Zero contact
  • Crack Opening Displacement
  • metal Tensile thickness reduction
  • Bending and Compression testing
  • Concrete Extensometeres
  • Transverse compression strain/thickness increase for round sample
  • Longitudinal compression strain of samples

Interface hot test Extensometer

  • Used for installing interfaces on specimen in furnace & doing hot Tensile & Creep tests via universal Creep test Machine.

Application: to measure accurate displacement on specimen in hot creep test

  • Thermal Capacity: 10000C (nominal) & 9800C (continuous & working)
  • Equipped with accessories & fasteners (super alloys material) to locate in furnace & install on specimen
  • Equipped with special clamps to grip round & flat samples with various dimensions
  • Capable of installing round specimens (diameter 5 ,6 mm)
  • Capable of installing flat specimens (thickness up to 5 mm, using special samplers EHRT10-D-14 (Capable of installing short travel analogue extensometers EHR10, magnetic two-double model LEG15-2 & double linear potentiometer ELP10-2
  • Gripping mechanism: Clip on
  • Water circulation to cool fasteners & preventing heat transfer to Load Cell & Machine’s body
  • Working temperature: 10~1000˚C


Displacement measuring sensor: (double)


  • Sensor type: digital non-contact magnetic linear ENCODER
  • Application: to install on Extensometer interface of hot Creep EHRT10-B & doing hot Tensile test EHRT10-E
  • Sensor: two digital Sensors
  • Stroke: 15 mm
  • Resolution: 1 µm
  • Accuracy: 0.1% F.S
  • Hysteresis: : 0.05% FS
  • Gripping mechanism: Clip on (connected to interface EHRT10-E ، EHRT10-B
  • Including protection IP67& resistant against vibration up to 30g, frequency2 kH
  • Measuring method: differential method to remove the failures caused by bending strain of specimen within test
  • Equipped with special interface (differential Encoder type) for data averaging & sending to board SCB of Tensile Machine & computer’s serial port of hot creep