Vacuum Oven

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Vacuum Oven

  • Drying in vacuum down to 1 mbar with heated shelves
  • Determination of vacuum drying process parameters
  • Low temperature evaporation
  • Drying curves determination
  • Dry mass determination
  • Pilot vacuum drying
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  • AISI 304 Stainless steel chamber, polished to Ra〈0,5μm with quick door closing mechanism and highly resistant food grade silicone seal.
  • Fully enclosed design with powder coated exterior RAL 7035.
  • Protection observation window.
  • Chamber door made of hardened glass with overpressure relive function.
  • Trolley with shelve for vacuum pump (as accessory).
  • Heated shelves Integrated heater and PID Temperature control individual for each shelve.
  • PT-100 on cable for sample temperature monitoring.
  • General Vacuum valve.
  • PLC based controller. Simple and effective programming of all vacuum- drying steps, and optional manual controls. RS-232, USB or Ethernet communication port.
  • Manual valve for controlled leakage.
  • Manual vacuum break valve.
  • Analog vacuum Gauge.