Histology Paraffin Dispenser

Laboratory Dispenser

Paraffin dispensing for histological analysis

Histology, the study of microscopic cell and tissue anatomy of plants and animals. One of the recognised methods is the finely slicing of the specimen, using a Rotating Microtome to achieve the ultra-thin specimen. Our Dispenser with liquid indicator provides accurate, bubble free paraffin into the Moulds, keeping the specimen in place. A complimentary tool is our cooling plate. ensuring a true solid form is obtained ready for Microscopic examination by optical or SEM tools


  • 4 Litres capacity
  • Failsafe valve
  • Temperature Display
  • Controlled volume
  • Foot pedal for accuracy
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  • Plant tissue preparation prior to Microscopic analysis (Histology)
  • Cell preparation prior to Microscopic analysis (Histology)
  • Tissue preparation prior to Microscopic analysis (Histology)
  • Used in conjunction with our Microtome equipment


  • Paraffin capacity upto 4 Litres
  • Electric valve acts when paraffin is on liquid form
  • Visual temperature display with 0.1°C accuracy
  • Tank and Plate temperature control
  • Microprocessor Control
  • Electronically controlled fluid volume
  • Additional pedal control to increase casting accuracy
  • 220V 50Hz
  • 1.5A
  • Weight 23.5Kg
  • Dimensions W290mm x D520mm x H290mm