Histology Tissue Processors

The Lab Techniche DS2080/H Tissue Processor is a fully automatic device which is able to process more than 80 human or animal samples in one cycle and make them ready to be moulded. The processor holds two paraffin baths and two stainless steel tissue baskets which could be operated both automatically and manually.

The stylish and organic design of the Tissue Processor with its digital display panel, touch panel keys allow ease of operation which sets is above our competitors.

All of the processor operations and tissue passage programming timings can be controlled via suitable light and acoustic alarms and also the big and readable display panel which could be easily supervised by the operator.

Permanently lid fastened jars are used in this device to prevent the evaporation of the solutions which would not only make the evaporation rate be the least but also would prevent the distribution of the smell of the solutions in laboratory environment at most.

In addition to this, there is the option of installing SMS Software package for online and Real-Time supervision and device activities.

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DS2080/H Processor Specifications


  • Flat Keypad and large readable display.
  • Possibility of observing all the programmed commands for each solution, executing program, delay times for holidays and weekends via the front panel.
  • The capability of sectioning and trimming in toggling manner through External and Internal keyboards and also via the foot pedal.
  • The thickness of Sectioning range set from 0.5 to 60 microns
  • Trimming range set from 1 to 600 microns.
  • Optional retraction range set from 5 to 200 microns.
  • The ability to guide the tissue block to a designated point automatically, this function can be activated by the operator.