STM-150L Cap.150 kN

  • Servo Electromechanical operation system via Ball Screw (two columns)
  • Long stroke for testing specimens with long length or high elongationor installing designed thermal chamber & long Ball Screws for Longstroke.
  • Capable of testing consists of: Tensile, Compression, Cyclic, Bending, Creep & Relaxation in accordance with the Standards JIS, ISO, EN, DIN, ASTM (capability to install various specialized grips, furnace, & doing hot test up to 1500°C in case of providing relative accessories) 
  • Including accurate Load Cell (class 0.5) capacity 15000kgf
  • Equipped with precise displacement sensor to measure Cross head displacement
  • AC Servo motor and drivewith Closed Loop Control System
  • Full computerized Machine control through serial port RS-232&USB via hardware technology DSP (Digital Signal Processing) unrestricted PC
  • Powerful STM Controller software compatible with Windows OS to do Tensile, Compression, Bending, Creep, Cyclic, & Relaxation Tests
  • Constant speed control at the range0.001-500 mm/min ,real time &advance speed control through the methods (constantdisplacement rate, constant strain rate, constantforce rate, constant stressrate, constant real strain rate (true strain), constant real stress rate (true stress) provided that having the softwareJADOO
  • Easy installation of variety of load cells (low capacity) to increase measuring accuracy
  • Capable of installing diverse Extensometers for tests
  • Capable of installing diverse furnace up to 1500°C
  • Pin connection and Easy installation of various fixtures & specialized grips (tensile, compression, bending, …)
  • Equipped with portable keyboard
  • Repeatability of results
  • Easy operation & capability to install on floor


Servo Electromechanical operation to control loading via load cell feedback & accurate displacement of grips. The control accuracy can be enhanced via AC servo motor & drive asamotive power & test speed with required accuracy (0.001-500 mm/min) through Encoder’s feedback.

Load frame is designed that installation of variety of grips & doing diverse tensile, compression, bending can be possible. Also, the the displacement of upper cross head to increase the stroke is possible. This specification enable us to test the specimens with high elongation.

Using the precise load cells connected to the Grip, will sense every load differs occurred within test & the load cell15000kgf (Low profile type) decreases the effect of applying lateral forces & class 0.5 (load cell) with maximum error0.5% of reading value at the range(2%-100%) load cell capacity in accordance with EN 10002, ISO 7500(including SANTAM’s calibration sheet) contributes to minimizing error which totally increases the accuracy of measurement within test.

On the other hand, due to existing variety of tools & various accessories with relative software’s (easy operation STM Controller  & JADOO), tensile, compression, bending tests will be provided. Accurate extension control through Encoder feedback with high resolution (0.001mm) & the accuracy of 0.05mm to precisely constant test speed &widerangeof Grip speed will allow operator to do test of various fields.

Giving perfect report of test without restriction & displaying equivalent graphs after main test such as : Force-Extention, Stress-Elongation, Force-Time, Extention-Time, Stress-Time, Elongation-Time.

The other auxiliary tools which can be mentionedare: variety of extensometers with high resolution to precisely measure strain from specimen (rather than cross head). To do this, the machine can use the software’s (STM Controller & JADOO) which is produced by SANTAM. The Machine not only can read extension via Extensometer linked to specimen but also can acquire feedback to Closed Loop controlthrough the Extensometer & takes Control of precise loading rate.

Easy installation of various fixtures & specialized Grips by fixed Pin connection or self-aligning & so on is another facility.


This Machine is used for doing tensile test of long length or high elongation specimens & the relative applications are as follows:

  • QC Labs
  • Research centers

Also, Machine is capable of testing mechanical properties of vast categories of materials