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Atomic Force Microscope ( SPM complete system)

Atomic Force Microscopy ( AFM) also known as Scanning Force Microscopy (SFM) is very high resolution type of Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) with a benefit of 1000 times better than Optical Diffraction limit. Resolution in the order of a nanometer

Scanning Probe Microscope, (AFM-SFM)

Optical Microscope’s inability to image sizes smaller than a wavelength of visible light resulted in the invention of nano-scopes in the last decade.

AFM is at the top of the list, due to its low price and multi-applications.

Mortars and Pestles



Mortars and Pestles

A range of mortars and pestles available in unglazed porcelain or glass.

LabTechniche mortars and pestles are available in unglazed porcelain or glass and are sold as sets. Ideal for use in laboratory, catering and pharmacy environments. Various sizes are available.

Planetary Ball Mills

Planetary Ball Mills.

How they work

In Planetary Ball Mill the milling cups rotate as planets in 2 positions, rotating around themselves and rotating around disk center .

This type of Rotating causes shooting of Milling Balls in all directions and making powder of Materials in Micron and Nanometer in optimum time

• Milling and Reducing of Particle size down to Nanometer
• Mechanical Alloying
• Possibility of Chemical Reaction under Vacuum or
Inert Gas during Milling
• Usable for Mineralogy , Metallurgy, Chemical, Ceramic , Glass, Biology, Agriculture and Paint Material
• Milling Cups and Balls:
Cups and Balls with various material such as : Agate,Zirconia, Alumina Tungsten Carbide , Teflon ,
Hardened steel and stainless steel and are available.
• Cups Size : and 500mI
• Ball size : 5,10,15,20mm